SONGS FOR TERRIBLE CHILDREN at the fmo conference; new website

Terrible Children

Songs for Terrible Children will be making a debut of sorts at the Folk Music Ontario Conference in Toronto this fall, from October 15 - 18. (More info here). As of July, the project is in the final tracking and mixing stages. Can't wait to share it with you!

That being said, I've decided to put together a separate website for this project (something decidedly less funeral-y) with the gracious help of the superb web-angel people at

Please head over to the evolving TERRIBLESONGS.COM for news, demos, social media, etc.

And, as always, feel free to drop me a line about any old thing. xoxo



Terrible Children

I'm thrilled to announce that a long-soaked seed of an idea is sprouting to life. Songs for Terrible Children is a work of musical satire for kids. It's an idea that I've been contemplating for awhile, and it touches a few different points of interest for me - both as a songwright, and a parent.

The album (which'll likely run 8-10 songs) is sort of a 'Stephen Colbert for kids' concept that uses absurdity to cover social topics that might be considered tricky for little ones. Leading up to this current production phase I've done a fair bit of reading both about childhood language development as well as media literacy. I really feel that the reading capacities of younger audiences are often underestimated, and that satire can be an effective and energizing teaching tool for introducing social issues while raising awareness of the context of media-making itself.

All of this maybe sounds a bit overwrought. The ultimately goal of the project is to be fun and funny and to spark thought and discussion. I can't wait to get it out into the world.

So keep in touch, and have a happy what-have-you.

NEW...THIS SPRING.........

Ben Spencer's Funeral presents SABOTEURS. Co-produced by Jean Massicotte (Patrick Watson, Lhasa) and featuring the musical talents of Jenn Grant, Bramwell Park, Charlotte Cornfield and many others, "Saboteurs" is a compilation of ten original works by acclaimed writer and performer Ben Spencer. Lush, cool, bitter and sweet, this new recording tracks the sonic evolution of style and substance for Montreal's newest art-folk breakthrough act.

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